Porsche Car Modeling In Cinema 4D
1.31 Gb| HF & FS Links
Languages: English | Modelling, texturing
Video: 1025 x 705 at 7.000 fps
Audio: mp3 11 kHz 16bit mono
Video Codec: Flash http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH

The Car Tutorial for CINEMA 4D will show beginning as well as advanced CINEMA 4D users how to model a professional, realistic looking car. The main focus of this tutorial is modelling (creating a 3D mesh). However, lighting and texturing are also treated. The principles taught in this tutorial can be widely applied, and will teach you various modelling fundamentals, as well as expert tips and tricks. Every step from the start of the tutorial to the final image is clearly explained in English.

Video lessons “Creating a car in CINEMA 4D” show beginners (and advanced) users of CINEMA 4D how to create a professional, realistic model of the car will look. The focus is on modeling. However, lighting and texturing is also considered. The principles shown in this lesson, will be widely used and will teach you the basics of modeling, as well as all sorts of subtleties and stratagems. Each step, from beginning to the final frame, detailed explanation (in English).

The tutorial contains 26 sections in total:
01 – General Introduction to Cinema 4D –26 min
02 – setting up references –22 min
03 – The global shape of the car –27 min
04 – Improving the global shape –32 min
05 – creating the hood –35 min
06 – creating the door –23 min
07 – creating the door –23 min
08 – creating the front window –31 min
09 – creating a car tire part 1 –21 min
10 – creating a car tire part 2 –22 min
11 – bonus – lighting a car tire –20 min
12 – Giving the car depth –37 min
13 – Adding detail to the front –28 min
14 – Creating the rear vents –31 min
15 – Adding detail to the back –23 min
16 – Splitting the front and rear –19 min
17 – creating the lights –38 min
18 – creating the Interior –36 min
19 – creating the Interior –18 min
20 – creating the logo –30 min
21 – the last details –31 min
22 – finetuning the shape –29 min
23 – creating the car material –31 min
24 – the final touch –26 min
25 – bonus – adding stripes to the car –10 min
26 – bonus – creating a compositing image –33 min






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