FZD School of Design - Digital Sketching, Drawing and Painting Techniques
FZD School of Design (30 tuts PACK)
Digital Sketching, Drawing and Painting Techniques

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Our instructional methods are compiled from over twelve years of industry experience working and teaching in the entertainment industry. We have narrowed down all the essential elements required for one to succeed in this competitive field. The structure we have developed is streamlined, focused, and to the point. It is important to stress the fact that we are not an art school. Our core focus is in design and how to transform students into professionals upon graduation. Not only will they understand how to draw and design, but they will also gain the right attitude and self-confidence necessary for success.


We cater to both professionals looking to further their skills and to students who want to break into the entertainment industry. Our courses cover a wide range of design topics such as video games, feature films, theme park designs, consumer products, toys, TV commercials, and set designs. We focus heavily on the importance of fundamental skills and the proper ways to develop your design abilities. Our aim is to mold you into an elite designer with a broad range of skills and graduate with a top notch portfolio.


Thinking in 3D | Drawing in 3D

We approach every process from a three-dimensional stage; breaking everything down to its basic form.
Students learn to think in “3D” and construct every drawing according to proper perspectives, measurements, lighting, etc. It’s an extremely difficult process to learn, but it is also the most essential part of being a good designer - the ability to conceive ideas and express them through properly drawn and rendered images. There is no “guessing” or “eye-balling” when it comes to drawing at our school. Our fundamental model is “draw what is really there, not just what you see.”

FZD Highlights

- Courses taught by experienced industry experts, including Feng Zhu
- Our instructors are part of Feng’s FZD Media team. Besides teaching, they also design for high-profile entertainment projects. Industry experience is a requirement for our staff
- Heavily focused on the development of fundamental skills
- Gain a strong knowledge for perspective, lighting, composition, proportions, color theory and 3D software applications
- Receive a level of education that is rarely taught outside of the US or Europe
- A completely different approach to drawing. There is no “feeling it out” or “guessing” at our school. This method will allow you to draw virtually anything correctly and to scale
- Challenging design projects to push your imagination. We will never assign generic projects such as designing Orcs or elves
- Studio like classrooms and structure. Teachers essentially act as design directors and the students are the designers
- State-of-the-art equipment and software. All kept up to date with what the industry uses
- Learn how to prepare a professional portfolio
- Access to a wide range of studio and job contacts via our experienced staff
- Located in the fun and easily accessible country of Singapore


FZD School of Design - Digital Sketching, Drawing and Painting Techniques
FZD School of Design - Digital Sketching, Drawing and Painting Techniques







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