FZD – Digital Sketching – Drawing and Painting Techniques


Our instructional methods are compiled from over twelve years of industry experience working and teaching in the entertainment industry. We have narrowed down all the essential elements required for one to succeed in this competitive field. The structure we have developed is streamlined, focused, and to the point. It is important to stress the fact that we are not an art school. Our core focus is in design and how to transform students into professionals upon graduation. Not only will they understand how to draw and design, but they will also gain the right attitude and self-confidence necessary for success.

We cater to both professionals looking to further their skills and to students who want to break into the entertainment industry. Our courses cover a wide range of design topics such as video games, feature films, theme park designs, consumer products, toys, TV commercials, and set designs. We focus heavily on the importance of fundamental skills and the proper ways to develop your design abilities. Our aim is to mold you into an elite designer with a broad range of skills and graduate with a top notch portfolio.

30 Lessons :

EPISODE 01 Shot Setup
EPISODE 02 Line to Color
EPISODE 03 Cert Class Demo
EPISODE 04 Sea Monster
EPISODE 05 Snow Tanks
EPISODE 06 Floating Bugs
EPISODE 07 Robotwalker
EPISODE 08 Skull Village
EPISODE 09 Taxi Stand
EPISODE 10 Sniper Nest
EPISODE 11 Lizard Dude
EPISODE 12 Creepy Asylum
EPISODE 13 Alien Invasion
EPISODE 14 Transformers
EPISODE 15 Set Design
EPISODE 16 Desert Tower
EPISODE 17 Set Design Painting
EPISODE 18 Character Sketching
EPISODE 19 Portfolio Prep
EPISODE 20 Portfolio
EPISODE 21 Zombie Knights
EPISODE 22 Sketch Painting
EPISODE 23 The Siege
EPISODE 24 Ancient Battle
EPISODE 25 Frankenstein
EPISODE 26 Sniper Vehicle
EPISODE 27 Bug Sketch Paint
EPISODE 29 FOV in Games
EPISODE 28 Vehicle Demo
EPISODE 30 Character Silhouettes











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