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Learn rigging techniques that are not character related. A generalist’s guide to rigging FX such as automating secondary motion.” Max files included along with maxscripts.

The DVD is split in to a dozen easily digestible chunks. Starting with a general overview introducing the various tools and tricks Joe uses, as well as his ‘this is how I work – do the same‘ approach. Joe uses a great number of MAXScripts from other authors, which caught me off guard as I expected him to do all the hard work himself, however, once I got my head around the fact, I realized it was no different to using any of MAX‘s native scripts or Modifiers and recognized what a nice advert it was and how valuable they clearly were to this kind of workflow.

A Simple Rules chapter guides you through some common errors and important things to remember when setting up your rig and then its on to the examples with everyone‘s favorite – getting a car wheel to turn correctly using Wired Controllers.

The examples continue at what I would consider quite an advanced level of 3ds Max use, offering pro users something to really get their teeth in to. The scripted Custom Attribute chapter does what the name says, showing how to write an attribute from scratch, in this case a Controller for a building being shaken by an earthquake. Following on from that, a chapter on Tagging a rig really opens up what can be done in MAX with a bit of knowledge. A rustling clump of grass with a collision requirement that I would have spent ages faking, Joe solves with remarkable skill and in a way that offers easy customization and control.


Maxscripts – Workflow – Resources
Simple Rules
Controllers & Constraints
Scripted Custom Attributes
Tagging the rig (userprops)


1. Squash n Stretch (text rig)
2. Mechanical Jellyfish
3. PFlow & Animator Controls
4. Swinging Signs (Secondary motion)
5. Dynamic Wire Rig (resize-able)
6. USB Keys (Reactor Cheat)






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