FullFrame Photography - Vol.1 Issue 10(HQ PDF)
FullFrame Photography - Vol.1 Issue 10
English | 84 Pages | HQ PDF | 104 Mb
Cultural & Travel
The world is fascinating; it has so much to teach us and so much to share. What our eyes can see is just a small portion of what life can offer, and what lies ahead is beyond our imagination.
As we trudge everyday’s life, we are blessed how technology had keep up with us and made our lives better. From the early cave paintings by the Neanderthal people of the prehistoric period, history has been well presented now through photographs of our artists. Photography had become an integral part for most of us and had played a larger role in our conception of society. And historically, photographs provided us with an objective record of real events in purest form and untwisted truth.


In this issue, we emphasized on the importance of photography for the humanity. Our cover page displays the enriching experience that one of our top photographers, Mario Cardenas, has plunge into as he portrays the life and wonders only visible with the Emirati culture and heritage. Meet new societies as we bring out how the beloved craft was used to introduce traditions from the four corner of the world and know how our chosen artists continue to persevere to keep records of these very important norms and beliefs. This issue, dedicated for Travel and Culture, truly showcased how wide the variety of culture is and no better way for us to express this rather than inviting prestigious photographers based on different regions of the world.


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