Absolute C++ (4th Edition)
Absolute C++ (4th Edition)
PDF | 984 pages | 241.52 Mb

Paperback: 984 pages
Publisher: Addison Wesley; 4 edition (March 13, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0136083811
ISBN-13: 978-0136083818
C++ programming concepts and techniques are presented in a straightforward style using understandable language and code. KEY TOPICS: C++ Basics; Flow of Control; Function Basics; Parameters and Overloading; Arrays; Structures and Classes; Constructors; Operator Overloading, Friends, and References; Strings; Pointers and Dynamic Arrays; Separate Compilation and Namespaces; Streams and File I/O; Recursion; Inheritance; Polymorphism and Virtual Functions; Templates; Linked Data Structures; Exception Handling; Standard Template Library; Patterns and UML. MARKET: Useful for both beginning and intermediate C++ programmers.


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From the Back Cover:
Absolute C++ is the definitive textbook on C++ from best-selling author Walt Savich. This brand new book provides complete, thorough, absolute coverage of the C++ programming language.
Absolute C++ provides all of the tools necessary for experienced and novice programmers alike to master C++, emphasizing the qualities and complexities of the language aver elementary programming technique.
Thus, it presents:
- Complete and fully executable programs throughout to demonstrate language features
- Extensive coverage of the Standard Template Library (STL)—this is a necessary element in understanding C++ as it examines the full functionality and versatility of the language
- A logical ordering of topics that allows readers to better understand the language (for example, covering arrays before classes-this institutes a more progressive method of learning how the language works before moving on to advanced features
- Material on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Patterns to take advantage of the latest trends in software engineering
- Sections highlighting programming tips and common pitfalls to enhance understanding
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Absolute C++ (4th Edition)


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