Really Simple Cold Smoking, BBQ and Salt Curing at Home
Peter Dugmore, "Really Simple Cold Smoking, BBQ and Salt Curing at Home"
ASIN: B00FBFRVW4 | 2013 | 505 pages | EPUB+MOBI+PDF | 20 MB
Like gourmet smoked and salt-cured foods? Parma hams? Cold-smoked salmon? Pancetta and other "real" bacons? Spare ribs and brisket?
Want to make them at home? With all the taste, authentic flavour and trimmings of the store-bought items, but at a fraction of the cost?


Everything you need is right here. Equipment, tools, accessories and recipes, and a whole range of new techniques and methods to home-smoke, bbq and dry cure delicacies like prosciutto hams, cured bacons, salmon, spare ribs, biltong, jerky, brisket – to name just a few!
Over 500 pages, generously illustrated, and written in simple language, "Really Simple Cold Smoking, BBQ and Salt Curing at Home" is actually three books in one – at a price that would be a bargain for just one of them!
In this definitive book you'll discover
- the little known secrets of the pros for making up your own rubs, pastes, marinades, mops, bastes and sauces;
- the unique characteristics of different woods and fuels used in the food smoking process, and which are best for different applications;
- a range of smoked foods which could, for many readers, represent new and exciting food territory; – foods like smoked and salt-cured fruit, nuts, dairy products (cheeses and butters), molluscs and other seafoods which are – quite simply – delicious!;
- how simple, and how comfortably within the capabilities of most people deli-style cold-smoking, or dry-curing really is!;
- survival secrets of "emergency" food smoking for hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen and survivalists, who would like, while still in the wild, to smoke any bounty collected from the outdoors, but who frequently don't have access to conventional (or any!) smoking equipment to do so;
- how-to build your own food smoking and dry-curing equipment at home – partly as a low-cost alternative to the (undoubtedly excellent, but often fairly expensive) commercial equivalents, and partly for the good, warm feeling of accomplishment it brings!; and
- Illustrated charts showing the major cuts of meat from each of the main animal groups – pork, beef, lamb and venison.... and the list goes on!
Readers of How-To Instructional books (like this one) fall somewhere between two extremes. At one extreme are those who want to know "Why?" before they learn "How?" At the other extreme are those who simply want a clear-cut set of instructions.
The publishers in this book unravel the Gordian knot – and satisfy both classes of reader by covering both the "Why" and the "How" in the first half of the book, while limiting the second half to just the "How".
Whatever your current level of expertise and skill, there'll be something in this book to expand and enrich it. Get it now! 


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