David.fx 2011 Tobit Software
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DAVID.FX: THE CENTER OF INFORMATION: Creativity, productivity, reliability. These are all very important elements for a company's success. But the strongest motor for success is called information. Information makes you win new customers. With information you avoid erroneous trends. And quite often the right information even keeps you from making any wrong decision. David.fx by Tobit.Software is the ultimate tool for the handling and exchange of information. It combines what you so far required a dozen of programs and devices for: With only one software you communicate with employees and customers, coordinate appointments and projects and receive messages from all around the world. Tens of thousands of companies already rely on David.fx. Not only because since twelve years the software always sets new standards but also as Tobit.Software speaks their language and consequently pursues one goal: To always provide you with the latest technologies and most innovative products to handle your information. So that you are always better and faster than the others.

David.fx is the center for information and works directly on the server in your company. Here everything is combined: texts, photos, documents, voice messages and a lot more kind of information are centrally and safely administrated, indexed and provided within your own four walls. At that, the contents do not only occur from the
individual communication. The integrated News-Reader connects your entire company with the news sources of this world. Whether economy or culture, technique or tourism. Whether BBC, CNN or the Financial Times. You define the news you want to be provided with. David.fx processes
them exactly according to your wishes. Even on numerous information, the multiply priced Client software provides an optimal overview. The advanced design puts the news into the center so that you always know what's going on.

To know something is one thing. To make something out of it the other. With David.fx, information as well as communication are only a keypress apart from each other. Quick as lightning a voice message is commented and forwarded, an eMail is replied, a text quoted, a fax edited and archived or any image section commented and published. David.fx is the center for all information – independent from your medium. Thus, the software works as a complete eMail server, fax machine, telephone system with many complex interactive functions and also as interface to the cellular network. Furthermore David gets your mail from various mail servers in the net and integrates them in your central infrastructure. Withal, the unique David.Care services ensure that you can finally forget viruses, Spam and other vermin. Communication was never this pleasant and good before.

Information, knowledge and communi- cation is important but not everything. In the end a lot of it is only a question of good organization. The organization of processes. Of people. Or simply the organization of oneself. David.fx is your strongest partner when it comes to planning, structure and coordination. The software disposes of all imaginable functions to make your life easier: for example the fully automatic reminder of any messages and tasks. And of course appointment reminders. But it also reminds you if someone has not yet replied to your inquiry. It completely automatically pro- cesses archiving and saving documents. David coordinates your appointments and projects and takes over your invitation for meetings. But primarily David.fx provides the most important thing: the complete overview about your business!

For a long time now we can decide fully free when and where we work. The Internet, the worldwide available wireless networks and the method of the Store-and-Forward-Messaging are the basic basis for unlimited flexibility and mobility. David.fx uses the fantastic new options and brings you endless freedom. With David.fx, The connection between the Client and your occurs via the Internet log and is therefore available at almost any place in the world. Finally it no longer makes a difference in which place of the world you open your Notebook: Welcome home! Also the latest ultra portable devices, from iPhone to iPad, from Android mobile to Web-Client, become the window for your information. And this is not about access. With David.fx you always have everything with you. No matter where you are.

David.fx 2011 Tobit Software
David.fx 2011 Tobit Software

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