Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build Font manager
Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build | Font manager
English | Windows XP/Vista/7 | 7 MB


• General
- Windows 7, Vista & XP ready! Printer's Apprentice 8.1 is only for PCs running Windows 7, Vista & XP. 
- Supports Windows Visual Styles and themes.
- Extensive online help system and "How To" help for all dialogs and screens.
- Professional setup gets you up and running quickly. When needed, the uninstaller removes the application and all supporting files.
- Printer's Apprentice contains no spyware, no malware and no viruses.

• Font Viewing
- Familiar Windows Explorer-style interface for quickly viewing installed fonts or browsing uninstalled font files on any media.
- "Preview without installing fonts" function supports TrueType, Adobe Type 1 and OpenType fonts.
- Toolbar provides fast and convenient access to frequently used features.
- Many dialogs have been redesigned so fewer steps are required to complete common tasks.
- Single character, character set, sample text and keyboard views are all integrated into the main interface via tabs across the top.
- Character set display can be displayed using a grid in a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 or 10x10 configuration.
- Keyboard display shows you where symbol and dingbat characters are on a standard PC keyboard.
- Easily examine copyright and other information embedded in font files.
- NEW! Compare Fonts tab shows you multiple fonts at once using your own sample text.

• Font Management
- Use the Install and Uninstall features to quickly manage the TrueType, Adobe Type 1 and OpenType fonts on your system. No rebooting is needed.
- Any number of fonts can be installed or uninstalled at once.
- Uninstalled fonts can be previewed, printed and installed from any media including external drives, CDR, flash drives, floppies, etc.
- Uninstall functions removes fonts from Windows, deletes font-related Registry entries and can optionally move font files to another location for backup.

• Font Groups
- Organize your TrueType, Adobe Type 1 and OpenType font files any way you like by sorting them into folder-based groups.
- Font group list is integrated into the main Printer's Apprentice window for easy browsing.
- Font groups are managed and navigated using the standard Windows Explorer style tree interface.
- Easily install and remove entire font groups with a few mouse clicks.
- Fonts stored in groups can be viewed and printed just like installed fonts.
- All printed catalogs and sample sheets are available for font groups.

• Printing
- Easily print many sample sheets or catalogs for multiple fonts at once.
- Customizable sample text, headers and footers.
- Font catalogs print multiple fonts per page with customized point sizes.
- Font file name, path location and KB size are optionally printed for each font.
- NEW! Multi-page Print Preview window shows you what the output is going to look like.
- NEW! For printing many fonts in a listing, Printer's Apprentice has 9 different professionally designed catalogs. Layouts include Single Column (1, 2 and 3 lines of text), Two Columns, Three Columns, Four Columns, 3 Up Catalog, Keyboard Layouts and Catalog 2.
- NEW! For single font printing (one per page), Printer's Apprentice includes 9 customizable font sample sheets including Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4, Font Information Sheet, 72 Point Set, Keyboard Chart, Character Set 1 and Character Set 2.

What`s new:
- NEW: Support for higher sceeen DPI settings. No more clipped text, etc. Includes high resolution icons and other cosmetic changes.
- NEW: Redesigned splash screen. Redesigned progress dialogs for reading font folders. 
- NEW: Redesigned shareware splash screen.
- NEW: Redesigned Options dialog. 
- NEW: Font display in main window includes a new header with the font name, file name and file size. There is also a line of text indicating the specific installed/not installed status for the font.
- NEW: Added column to the lists on the Font Files and Font Groups tabs indicating the installed status of the font. Installed fonts have a small Windows symbol in the column.
- NEW: Can change the size of the ASCII/Unicode values on the Character set chart.
- NEW: If you click in the text area on the Single Character or Sample Text tab, you can use the mouse wheel to change the font size.
- NEW: Support for non-US keyboard layouts in the Keyboard tab and printed font catalogs/sample sheets. The Printer's Apprentice keyboard will also update when a new keyboard is added or selected using the Windows Language bar.
- NEW: Font samples are now anti-aliased wherever possible.
- NEW: Improved borders on various progress screens.
- NEW: Added license key recovery link on "Enter License Key" screen.
- UPDATED: The help file has been updated with new information about the main window and the Options dialog. 
- CHANGED: Options for Unicode and character set are now contained in a single dropdown below the font display.
- CHANGED: Removed "Drop Shadow" checkbox from the bottom of the Single Character and character set screens. It is now in the "Font Viewing" section of the Options dialog.
- FIXED: Fixed a crash that could occur if you selected a ZIP file in the Font Files font groups tab. 
- FIXED: Bug in A4 paper size was not working correctly for some drivers.
- FIXED: Under certain circumstances, creating a font group and renaming it resulted in a "". 
- FIXED: A variety of issues that could pop up when navigating between fixed and removable drives in the Font Files tab.
- FIXED: Fixed a crash that would occur if you selected File|Print All Fonts In Folder while an invalid removable drive was selected.
- FIXED: Under certain circumstances, selecting the Help > Check for New Version menu trigger an "entry point TaskDialogDirect was not found" error.
- FIXED: Many other minor bugs and issues.
Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build Font manager
Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build Font manager

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