Acronis Rescue Disk Version 2011 & Lite

Acronis Rescue Disk Version 2011 & Lite  | 964 Mb

Acronis True Image Home - a multifunctional software package that not only provides data backup, but also provides protection against a broad spectrum of threats, including viruses, unstable software installation and hard drive failures. With this product, you can create a complete backup of your hard drive and back up critical files and data. Your computer can store photos and videos of several generations of your family, important personal documents such as tax returns and a summary of the many applications for individual parameters, the setting where each member of your family spent a few hours. Acronis True Image Home ensures data protection with full recovery of your valuable files in case of computer failure or damage of computer viruses.

Acronis Disk Director 11 Home - the latest version of solutions for managing your hard disk. Supports Windows 7 operating system, and work with dynamic hard drives. Simultaneously available to the user familiar operations change the hard drive, create, delete, its sections and several others. The product includes a multi boot manager - Acronis OS.
Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server - the program provides more flexibility and value in disaster recovery and transfer of data on network servers based on Windows. Every hour of server downtime due to failures costing you thousands of dollars? This program is an integrated solution for backup and disaster recovery of servers based on Windows, which helps to minimize downtime and quickly recover their operability. Creates an exact disk images of servers running Windows or Linux, including the operating system, databases and applications. And also allows you to quickly and easily migrate your systems between any virtual and physical servers. In the case of system failure allows for a few minutes to make a full recovery server. Complete system restoration can be made as to both existing and new machines with different hardware and virtual servers.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1910 Server - a solution for local disaster recovery and security of servers running Windows. With it you can restore the operating system, applications, and all the data in minutes rather than hours or days. Application of this solution can significantly reduce downtime in the event of unforeseen disruptions, increase efficiency of IT services company and reduce overall IT costs. While based on proven technologies create images and restore to bare metal, the new product is a next generation family of Acronis True Image and demonstrates a new approach to backup and recovery. Acronis Backup & Recovery for Windows Server 1910 is designed for businesses of any size and is growing with the company, easily scalable from local configurations to work in large geographically distributed networks of thousands of machines.

Acronis Disk Director 1911 Advanced Server gives you powerful tools for managing hard disks and partitions that will ensure efficient operation of your servers. Acronis has long supported operating system, Microsoft, and this version fully supports Windows Server 2008 R2 (incl. Microsoft Small Business Server). You can perform dynamic partition, merge, resize, copy and move partitions from within Windows, by reducing unproductive downtime. Now you can quickly perform tasks by modifying the contents of your hard drive, including the restoration of important areas of data on your hard drive, determination and / or retrieve information lost due to different software or hardware failures or virus attacks.

























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RAR Expander 0.8.5 Beta 4  and extract password protected files without error.

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Latest Winrar  and extract password protected files without error.

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