AlphaCAM 2010 R1

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Alphacam is a leading CAD/CAM software solution for the Woodworking industry. Alphacam is used in the manufacture of many types of components, from simple routed parts to complex, 5-axis furniture components. The emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide our customers with productivity, reliability, and flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company will help increase profitability.

What's New in 2010 R1

Updated User Interface

A variety of interface enhancements provide a more modern and familiar look and feel and more control over the working environment.

• All new professionally developed small and large size button icons
• Selectable color themes
• Enhanced toolbar customization
• User-definable hotkeys

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Much Improved 3D Z Contour Roughing

Integration of Planit 3D Machining Engine. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including:

• New Spiral machining method
• New option to automatically close open pockets for Contour pocketing method
• New options to specify Climb or Conventional cutting method
• Much improved tool path link methods
• New option to avoid rollover on the edges of open pockets
• New high speed cornering option
• New trochoidal option for full-width moves
• More…

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Simple 2?D Exact Engraving

True “ramping” of internal corners with Taper tools. Ideal for art type work as well as simulated raised panel doors.

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Enhancements to Essential

Machining Styles functionality has been added to all Essential modules.

A Machining Style is a set of operations
that have been stored for later reuse. Utilizing Machining Styles greatly increases productivity by decreasing the time to generate tool paths.

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Full 3D Engraving has been added to the Essential Mill and Router modules.

Previously, these modules were limited to the Geometries machining method. Full 3D Engraving adds the Construction Guide Lines methods, the new Simple 2.5D Exact method, as support for partial machining.

APS Fast Geometry and Edit/List Geometry added to all Essential modules.

APS Fast Geometry is a unique geometry creation technique for creating continuous geometric profiles where each element in the profile is automatically connected tangentially.

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Other features have also been migrated from Standard to Essential (Mill, Router, Stone) to give more functionality at the entry level product.

• All Special Geometries commands
• Spline creation and editing
• Acceleration/deceleration around corners

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

3D Mouse Support

Alphacam 2010 R1 now supports 3Dconnexion’s 3D mice. These devices give the user increased control and intuitive navigation when working in a 3D environment. For more information on these devices, please visit

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Raster to Vector Add-In

• Much improved Raster to Vector add-in incorporates a new engine, providing much better results.
• Resulting geometry can now be created as Splines to allow for fine tuning of curves.
• In addition to external images, can now vectorize images that are embedded within the active Alphacam drawing
• Full set of user definable vectorization settings gives the user much more control over the end result and can be saved as reusable configurations

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

General Enhancements

• Stone module now contains Peck Drilling functionality
• Profiled Side Machining functionality is now available in the Standard level modules (previously only in Advanced or higher)
• Apply Compensation on Rapid Approach/Retract option now available with the Machine Holes command (Advanced level or higher)
• Added support for importing binary DXF files
• More…

AlphaCAM 2010 R1

Alphacam Minimum System Requirements

1.0GHz, 32 bit Intel Pentium compatible processor (2.0GHz Intel Pentium 4 or better recommended)

Operating System
Windows XP (XP Professional recommended), Windows Vista (Vista Business or Vista Ultimate recommended), Windows 7 (Professional or Ultimate recommended)

Alphacam will install and run on the 'Home' editions of the above operating systems. However, this is not recommended and we cannot guarantee to fix any Alphacam issues specifically related to these operating systems.

Alphacam is not supported on Windows 7 Starter Edition.

1GB RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)

Video Card

OpenGL® compatible with 64MB on-board memory (256MB or more recommended)

1024x768 resolution (1280x1024 or higher recommended)

Hard Disk Space
700MB free hard disk space (minimum)

Disk Drive
DVD drive for software installation

Pointing Device

2 button, 3 button, or 2 button with wheel (recommended) Windows compatible mouse

USB 1.1 or 2.0 port for single user security key support

TCP/IP required for network security support
AlphaCAM 2010 R1


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