Iron Baby model 

Iron Baby model fully rigged and textured, scenes included | 354.36 MB

Iron Baby was a short video that went viral on the web in may 2010. It was a parody of Iron Man directed by Patrick Boivin with all 3D and effects by me (Jocelyn “Strob” Simard) and music by Eric Pfalzgraf. Our goal was to create a video with effects that could rivals the work ILM did on Iron Man. After 3 weeks we reached almost 5 millions views on Youtube (with our both youtube accounts strobDOTnet and PatrickBoivin).

With these files you can study how the Iron Baby viral video was created and learn how to achieve feature film quality with 3ds Max and Vray. This is based on an actual file that was used to create the Iron baby video. I just removed the camera and modified the animation to create the thumbnails you see following this description (every 20 frames).

I am also selling a version with the model, UVs and texture maps only. Just take a look at my other items by clicking on my seller name.

Included are an extreme hi-rez HDRI I created for the environment and reflections and 2 different fire footages used for environment, lighting and reflection.


- You need VRay for the shaders and render elements. If you don’t have VRay, you have to convert the shaders and render elements for your renderer.

- Render elements with all layers needed to achieve the result seen in the Iron Baby clip (see the list lower)

- RIGGED with CAT. Shape manipulator for controlling important body parts.

- Some expressions control some body parts but take note that some of those parts (like the plates at the top of the tight and the plates in front of the ankles need some manual adjustment for to avoid interpenetration).

- 4090×4096 and 2048×2048 textures (bump, diffuse, diffuseDarker, dust, glossiness, glossinessLow, paintScratch, reflection, reflectionDarker)

- Clean edge-loops based topology

- Turbosmooths activated only at render time

- 3ds Max 2011 version has all shader created and organized in the slate editor for better adjsutment

- 3ds Max 2010 is also included (but obviously no slate)

- Environment scene file for rendering the background only

- The file is animated but with very simple movements just as an example. Don’t expect the whole animation of the Iron Baby clip, I did not include it. But you have everything to recreate your own!

- 2 fire footages (120 frames each) and extreme hi-resolution (6592 x 3296) HDRI environment included.

- Perfect UVs.







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