Oreilly - Debugging Java and Scala - 9781491933107
Oreilly - Debugging Java and Scala
by | Released November 2015 | ISBN: 9781491933107


For engineers, architects, and DevOps teams, distributed architectures and reactive applications make pinpointing and fixing production errors in Java and Scala code an increasingly difficult task. In this hands-on, practical video, JVM and debugging expert Tal Weiss reviews the practices Java and Scala developers can use to spot, profile and correct production application issues. He provides a set of advanced techniques that can be put to immediate use for quickly profiling and debugging live servers, and resolving critical errors without impacting performance. Review the pros and cons of production debugging using JDK, APM, Log, and Metrics tools Discover the importance of injecting state into JVM threads when debugging behavior and performance Explore advanced capabilities of jstack and Hotspot debugging tools Explore the components, advantages, and disadvantages of JVM debugging architecture Create advanced debugging and monitoring functions, using advanced Bytecode instrumentation techniques for both Java and Scala applications Write Java agents to profile and collect root cause state from production JVMs Wire your Java agents into your DevOps infrastructure using industry DevOps protocols Discover the JVM Tooling Interface – the JVM's lowest level of native APITal Weiss builds JVM production debugging tools for high-scale applications. He is CEO at Takipi and was co-founder/CEO at VisualTao (acquired by Autodesk). He's been designing scalable, real-time Java and C++ applications for 15 years. Tal blogs at blog.takipi.com. Show and hide more Publisher resources View/Submit Errata
  1. Introduction
    • The Foundations of Preparation 00:04:15
  2. Overview
    • Java / Scala Intrumentation Types 00:04:41
    • Tools Today 00:08:21
  3. Coding Techniques
    • Thread Naming 00:09:43
    • BTrace 00:07:58
  4. Bytecode Instrumentation
    • The JVM Debugger Architecture 00:08:11
    • Instrumenting JVM Bytecode 00:26:18
    • Understanding Bytecode and the JVM Verifier 00:07:10
    • Understanding JVM Bytecode Overview and Best Practices 00:31:50
  5. Java Agents
    • Java Agents and the ASM Bytecode Instrumentation Library 00:52:26
    • Java Agents - Part 2: Instrumenting for Performance 00:34:18
    • Java Agents - Part 3: Attaching Live Agents to a Running JVM 00:10:44
  6. JVMTI Agents
    • The JVM Tooling Interface (JVMTI) API Overview and In Action 00:20:51
    • Summary 00:04:22
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    Oreilly - Debugging Java and Scala




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