Udemy - 3D Printing from Zero to Hero in Blender - 3D Design
Udemy - 3D Printing from Zero to Hero in Blender - 3D Design


Do you want to learn how to create 3D models for 3D printing in Blender? Do you want to design and 3D model your own unique projects inside this amazing Free software? 

By the end of this course you will be able to use the methods and techniques demonstrated in this course to design, model and export your own unique 3D models for 3D printing.

The course is designed for practical learning and will walk you step by step through the process of creating 3D models for and exporting them for 3D printing. When you complete this course you will be able to use Blender as the complete design and creation package. With the latest release of Blender there has never been a better time to get your creativity flowing.

Blender is an amazing program that enables your creative side while constantly challenging you to improve. By simply following this course you will be learning the basics of Blender and after completing these models you will be capable of modelling anything, from 3D printed gifts, assets for games and models for animation. 

The lessons are taught with practical examples and aimed at completing each section before moving forward.. Learning Blender doesn't need to be difficult and you should enjoy the journey as you create some amazing 3D models. This 3D printing course will take you step by step through each critical stage and help you develop your skills along the way.

Learn how to design in this amazingly powerful 3D production suite and start designing architectural 3D models, design for 3D games, design unique 3D assets, design for 3D printed objects, or create amazing art work.

This introduction to 3D printing course is designed to provide students with the necessary skill set required to model their designs in a free 3D program and export to a 3D print service. This course will guide the student step by step through every process involved in bringing their idea or drawing into the physical form. 3D printing is changing the way we design and buy our products. Unleash your creative side with this incredible process and stay ahead of the curve by seeing your products quickly without the huge investment. 

The course includes a simple model of a smart phone to help with the design stage of the mobile phone stand. This course is structured so students gain an understanding of the processes involved early on and by the end should be competent to begin their very own creations.

Learn the basic concepts, discover the amazing tools and efficient processes to design 3D models in the free software Blender.

This course is a practical approach and will allow you to develop the skills of 3D modelling while also seeing the result of our progress in real time. Learn the process of manipulating Blender to get the results you require and solve any tasks quickly and easily. The course takes you step by step through the process of modelling, checking for flaws, and exporting for 3D printing.

Unleash your Creative side

Open Blender and be amazed at the possibilities. Discover a new world of creativity. Blender is free, and constantly improving to deliver industry standard tools. It has a strong online community just waiting to be discovered.

More industries than ever are starting to use Blender with more and more small production houses releasing work created using this amazing and user focused software. This will increase greatly over

So jump in and start creating today!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to learn a free design package for their own professional use
  • Anyone who wants to start 3D printing
  • Students of Design
  • 3D print hobbyist

Course content

  • Setting Up Blender for Effective Workflow
    • Getting Blender
    • Short cut PDF for download
    • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Unit of Measurement
  • Introduction to the Blender Interface
    • The 3D View
    • The Timeline
    • The Properties Editor
    • The Outliner
    • The Info Editor
    • Mouse Buttons
    • Modes
    • Mesh Selection Methods
    • Short Cut Keys
  • Modelling
    • Blender Basics
    • Test Your knowledge
    • Adding a Mesh
    • Let the Modelling Commence
    • Closing it off
    • Adding some Modifiers
    • Test Your knowledge
  • Do the important checks
    • Make it Manifold
  • Export for 3D Printing
    • Exporting
    • ShapeWays
  • Introduction
    • Enable Some Addons
  • Modelling
    • Add a Mesh
    • Using loop tools in Blender
    • Make it Manifold
  • Exporting and Uploading
    • Exporting
    • ShapeWays
  • Introduction to Phone stand
    • Setting up The Cube
    • Appending the Phone
  • Modelling the Stand
    • Begin the Modelling Process
    • 3D Modelling
  • Pre-export checks
    • Export checks and making it Manifold
  • Exporting
    • Export your 3D Model
    • ShapeWays
  • Section 12: Creating a Coin
    • Introduction
    • Lecture 1 Adding Images
    • Lecture 2 Adding a Plane
    • Tutorial 3 Extruding a Bit More
    • Tutorial 4 Positioning the Vertices
    • Tutorial5 Positioning in the Y Axis
    • Tutorial6 Adding Subdivision Surface
    • Tutorial 7: Scaling the back of the Mask
    • Tutorial 8: Filling in the Mouth and Eyes
    • Tutorial 9: Creating the Coin Object
    • Tutorial10: Adding a Curve
    • Tutorial 11: Adding Some Text
    • Tutorial 12: Adding Solidify Modifier
    • Tutorial 13: Adding Hair and Ears
    • Tutorial 14: Applying Modifiers
    • Tutorial 15: Finish Line
  • Section 13: Bonus Material
    • Bonus Lecture: Extra Courses

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