Udemy - Course Design - How to Create Impressive Text Animations
Udemy - Course Design - How to Create Impressive Text Animations

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Great intro to AE and Text Animation

I thought this was an excellent course. It provided me with an excellent intro to After Effects and the hands-on approach created a lot of confidence. The tutor spends time to illustrate useful workflows rather than simply showing flashy techniques. Lots of detail and practical reproducible examples. Diction and vocal pacing was excellent throughout and the tutor knew his subject well. I would recommend this course if you want to get started with AE text animation and add some class to your classes. Andrew Pope


Just What I Needed

I would definitely include this course in my list of "Worth the time and money." I went from knowing zero about After Effects to being able to produce smooth, professional text animations rapidly. Thanks! ...Archie Wells



Impress your students with quality text animation. Amaze your audience with interactive course visuals. Your students will absorb content faster and more easily with these masterful simple to implement techniques to making your presentations so much more engaging. It's a sure fire way to get five star reviews.

Learn the basic concepts, tools and various techniques of text animation that you will need to create engaging animations for all your online courses. This course provides a hands-on experience. You will build a full lecture with quality text animation that you can use in your online lessons within the first hour of learning.

Master the Most Common and Easy to Use Techniques for Text Animation in After Effects without the Hassle of having to Learn the Entire After Effects Toolset. Simple, direct, effective and to the point.

  • Understand the simplicity of After Effects.
  • Grasp the key elements to help you jump-start the process of creating quality animations.
  • Create Attractive, Useful and Re-Usable Text Animation (have a look at the previews).
  • Synchronize your Voice with Screen display with an easy two-step method.
  • Export and Upload to Udemy


A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

Learning the fundamentals of Text Animation (or Kinetic Typography) in After Effects puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. The Techniques taught in this course are easy to learn, simple to use and will allow you to create courses that will motivate your students to finish your course in record time.

You will learn simple methods that turn dull slides into attractive text animation.

You will exclusively Focus on Essential Techniques that you can use in your lectures and NOT waste time learning all there is to know about Adobe After Effects.

Build a simple but solid foundation that will allow you to expand your skills later on.

No Magic – Most of the animations taught in this course are considered standard practice by the Top Selling Udemy Courses. You will discover how easy it is for you to create appealing course content.

Course Overview

This course is suitable for beginners looking to acquire the most important concepts and methods used in Text Animations or Kinetic Typography.

This course is practical, delivering immediate results that you can adapt for your course.

You will start by learning about the workspace in After Effects and how to create the ideal workspace for producing high quality animations, fast.

You will dive right into the key components of stylized text animations.

Remember: practice makes the master. You will create 4 animation and then immediately start working on your own style.

You will learn simple yet powerful features that will give your animations an original and dynamic style.

This step by step guide will take you from key concepts, to a powerful tools, and then show you how to package your animations, add your voice over or narration using practical a method and then export to video.

Ultimate Results Guarantee: You will build you first top-tier animated lecture with me.

Para quem é este curso:

  • Instructors who want to build quality courses
  • Instructors who want to use Text Animations (Kinetic Typography) to build attractive and engaging courses.
  • Instructors who want to upgrade their dull, single slide, still, boring lectures without the hassle of learning a million trick.
  • Instructors who are serious about engaging their students visually to get better reviews
  • Beginners in Kinetic Typography for online learning

Course content

  • What you will learn in this course - a bit of details
    • A Quick Tour - See How Much You Will Learn
  • Boot Camp - A Fast Start Up
    • Setting Your Workspace - An Essential Step
    • Creating Compositions
    • Keyframes, Text and Positions Animation
    • Rotation and Opacity
    • Essential elements for Scaling - Anchor Point and Keyboard Shorcuts
    • You already Have Enough Tools for This Animation
    • It is Now Your Turn to Practice
  • Creating Animations with Masks
    • The Secrets of Masks - Why are they So Much Used?
    • How to Use Mask for Simplicity and Effeciency
    • Stop Positioning Masks - How to Move Text Instead
    • Time to Practice Creating Animations With Masks
  • How to ease your work and your animations
    • How to learn while producing usable animations
    • Why Pre-Comps Are Important to Master
    • How Using Masks and Pre-Comps Gives You More Flexlibilty
    • Taking it easy ease - How to Make Animations Smoother and Organic
    • How to Use Graphs with Easy Ease
    • Exit the Animation
    • I Challenge You - Easy Ease
  • How to Create Animations and Assemble Your Lecture
    • A Step Further Towards Creating Animations
    • Junior Step One
    • Another Animations for You to Keep
    • The Swing - a srect animation widely used
    • It's about time - You can give it a try
    • Adding your waveform - Voice Over
    • Assembling Your Lecture
    • Adding a Movie Background to create motion and engagement
    • How to Create Organic Background
    • Summary - How to create a Lecture
  • Exporting your work
    • Web Video: Exporting Your Lecture for Upload
    • CAMTASIA STUDIO - How to Export your animations to Camtasia
  • More animations Techniques - Track Mattes and Shape Layer
    • What You will Learn In the Next Lecture
    • Shapes and Track Mattes - An easy Concept with Many Applications
    • Animation With Shapes and Track Mattes - A Neat Way to Animate
  • Parenting and Parent Mode - Easier in AE than in Real Life
    • The Art of Parenting - Watch what You ill Learn
    • Becoming a Parent - Easier Than in Real Life
    • Let's Build the Full Animation - Good Parenting
  • A Simple Conclusion
    • Getting More work Done Faster and Easier
    • Where to Find Fonts
  • BONUS and More
    • Bonus Courses - Learn more for less
    • Project Files in CS6

Udemy - Course Design - How to Create Impressive Text Animations


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