Mastering 3D Modeling With Blender For Beginners

Mastering 3D Modeling With Blender For Beginners

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The most comprehensive online 3D modeling course taking you from complete beginner to PRO


What you'll learn

Mastering the modeling tools of Blender 2.8

Learn 3D modeling skills and techniques

Get hands-on experience and practice with a number of exercises

Create your own little robot



None. An interest for 3D modeling may be enough.


Want to learn how to master 3D modeling (even if you're a complete beginner)?

As a complete beginner, 3D modeling can be difficult. Frustrating even, especially when your 3D models don't turn out the way it's meant to (trust me, I've been there).

Since you're on this page, obviously 3D modeling is something that is really important to you. It could be preparation for your future career, an upcoming application for 3D school, freelancing, making your next movie blockbuster or just simply to create fun videos for your YouTube channel. Whatever your specific reason for mastering 3D modeling is, this course is for you!

Create amazing 3D models

I totally get how it feels. I remember how much frustration I put myself through especially when I first started my foray into 3D modeling around 8 years ago. The best way I've learnt though is by failing. I scoured the internet for a few years and learned as much as possible. Over time, I started to develop a deeper understanding of 3D modeling.

I've now packed all the stuff that I've learned over 8 years into a single course so that you don't have to go through all the hair pulling that I already went through.

This means, you can start creating great looking 3D models in a really short amount of time.

What to expect?

This course aims to take you from a complete beginner (meaning you don't really know much about 3D modeling or even Blender) to a level where you will be comfortable to take on 3D modeling projects on your own.

This course is aimed at anyone who is a complete beginner or knows very little about Blender 2.8 and/or 3D modeling in general.

Do you have any of these goals?

Looking to make your first animated short film one day?

Looking to build your first game?

Trying to get into 3D school but need to develop a portfolio

Thinking of getting a career in 3D modeling but don't want to spend a fortune to find out if this is what you really want to do?

Start your own 3D YouTube channel and potentially work from home?

Start your own business by making and selling 3D models either digitally or physically via 3D printing?

Then this course is made for YOU!

By the end of this course, you will be comfortable working with Blender 2.8 (and beyond) and will be able to work on your own 3D modeling projects so that you can finally visualize whatever you have in your head to the screen. The foundations you learn in this course will be valuable to you for life!

Why should I enroll?

You get the following benefits:

Access to over 85+ videos, tutorials and guides

You'll learn Blender 2.8+ (which is one of the best 3D modeling software in the world!)

Access to a number of 3D models included

Instructor support via email whenever you need it

Learn at your own pace at the comfort of your own home

Highly affordable compared to 3D school

30 day money-back guarantee if you aren't happy

Lifetime access to any future updates without needing to pay anything extra

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in becoming a 3D modeler

Blender Beginners

Users of Blender 2.7x migrating to Blender 2.8





Mastering 3D Modeling With Blender For Beginners

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