Oreilly - Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete a Video Editing Project - 9781789536584
Oreilly - Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete a Video Editing Project
by Life Progression Project | Publisher: Packt Publishing | Release Date: June 2018 | ISBN: 9781789536584

We supply the footage and audio! Learn how to edit an engaging video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC from start to finishAbout This VideoEffectively organize your footage, sequences, and assets and edit a promo videoMany tools in Premiere Pro that will make your editing much easierWorking with slowmotion clips, 4k clips and upside down clipsSyncing guide audio and external audioImproving audio and finding awesome royalty free music for your projectsCorrecting the color of your footage to make it come to lifeAdding visual effects to your editsExporting your video for highquality playback on any deviceAdvanced efficiency tipsIn DetailBy the end of the course, you'll have edited a 3 minute promo video! Footage and audio included! You can follow along and learn by gaining instant, hands on experience by downloading our included footage and audio. This course will teach you how to use the included b-roll footage and dialogue audio to effectively tell a story using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You will learn how to choose the best clips to get your message across while also learning all of the necessary tools and effects that every professional editor uses. Alli Saunders has edited several hundred video project for paying clients of his in her established video production company located in Toronto. She specializes in editing highly engaging corporate videos, promotional videos and lifestyle videos.
  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction and Setting up Your Sequence for an Organized, Efficient Edit
    • Introduction 00:06:03
    • Folder Structure 00:04:35
    • Saving Project, Importing, Organizing, Sequence Settings 00:05:09
    • How to Create Proxies for Faster Editing 00:07:10
    • Troubleshooting and Using the Proxy Toggle Button 00:03:25
    • Syncing Audio in Premiere Pro 00:08:23
    • Changing the Label Colors 00:01:19
    • Rotating and Scaling Clips AND Creating a Custom Keyboard Command 00:05:20
    • Choosing Dialogue Selects 00:08:02
    • How to Spot Duplicate Clips 00:02:22
    • Creating Custom Sequence Settings 00:02:38
    • Using the Ripple Delete Tool 00:04:03
    • Scaling Down the B Roll 4k Clips 00:03:34
    • Choosing B Roll Selects 00:06:50
  2. Chapter 2 : Putting Together Your Rough Cut
    • Working with Audio Tracks 00:01:24
    • Sorting Clips into Groups 00:17:34
    • Royalty Free Music for Our Edit 00:04:17
    • The First Stages of Putting the Rough Cut Together 00:16:12
    • Putting Together the Rough Cut and Transitioning Music 00:10:32
    • Working with the Second Speaking Segment 00:16:58
    • Working with the Third Speaking Segment 00:10:23
    • Dealing with Popping Audio 00:02:53
    • Color Correcting Clips to Make Them Pop 00:17:00
    • Color Correction When Three Way Isn't Enough 00:09:49
    • Reducing Shakiness in Footage 00:09:17
    • How Changing the Speed Effects Your Video 00:02:56
    • Working with Backup Audio and Gain 00:10:25
    • Top 5 Audio Effects and Fades 00:15:01
    • Cool Effects for Showing off the Logo 00:11:52
    • Creating Lower Third Titles 00:06:13
    • Exporting Your Video 00:05:07
    • Final Thoughts 00:01:19
  3. Oreilly - Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete a Video Editing Project

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