Oreilly - iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook - 9781491912379
Oreilly - iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook
by Vandad Nahavandipoor | Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc. | Release Date: September 2014 | ISBN: 9781491912379


Learn how to overcome several programming issues when creating apps for iOS devices with iOS 8. This video course with Vandad Nahavandipoor, based on his cookbook with the same name, walks you through 30 practical recipes for working with the iOS 8 SDK, including HealthKit, HomeKit, Core Data, and CloudKit. If you're familiar with Objective-C or other object-oriented programming languages, you'll also learn details for switching to Apple's new language, Swift. By the end of this video tutorial, you'll pick up techniques for storing and protecting data, networking, creating vibrant user interfaces, using concurrency, working with the Address Book, and many other options.Get a practical and thorough introduction to SwiftIntegrate CloudKit into your apps and store information with easeAccess user's health-related information with HealthKitInteract with accessories inside the user's home with HomeKitAdd blur effects to your views and display alerts and action sheetsBuild custom keyboards and create a service within your appRetrieve and manipulate contacts and groups from the Address BookPerform batch updates on Core DataComplete a long-running task in the backgroundSource code can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/vandadnp/iOS-8-Swift-​Programming-CookbookVandad Nahavandipoor works for a leading bank in London and has led an international team of more than 30 iOS developers.
  1. Introduction to Swift
    • Introduction to Swift 00:06:32
    • Variables, Constants and Type Annotations 00:04:57
    • println(), Hex, Binary, Octal and Boolean Values 00:04:14
    • Tuples, Optionals, and Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals 00:08:45
    • The Nil Coalescing Operator and Range Operators 00:04:19
    • Strings, Dictionaries, Arrays and Fast Iteration 00:10:24
    • NSDictionary and NSArray 00:05:41
    • If, While and Switch Statements 00:07:04
    • Classes and Structures 00:15:47
    • Functions, Parameters and Return Types 00:08:32
    • Protocols 00:12:27
  2. User Interfaces
    • Adding Blur Effects to Your Views 00:05:40
    • Presenting Temporary Information on the Screen with Popovers 00:15:02
    • Displaying Alerts and Action Sheets 00:07:23
    • Loading Web Pages with WebKit 00:08:41
  3. Extensions
    • Building Custom Keyboards 00:15:38
    • Creating a Service Within Your App with Action Extensions 00:11:08
  4. HealthKit
    • Retrieving and Modifying User’s Weight Information 00:16:10
    • Accessing and Modifying User’s Height Information 00:12:48
    • Reading and Modifying the User’s Total Calories Burned 00:16:09
  5. HomeKit
    • Discovering and Managing HomeKit Enabled Accessories 00:14:42
    • Interacting with HomeKit Accessories 00:11:37
  6. Concurrency
    • Creating Simple Concurrency with Operations 00:12:25
    • Completing a Long-Running Task in the Background 00:05:41
  7. Networking
    • Downloading Data Using NSURLSession 00:08:45
    • Downloading Asynchronously with NSURLConnection 00:06:39
  8. Address Book
    • Retrieving a Person Entity with System UI 00:09:19
    • Retrieving a Property of a Person Entity with System UI 00:07:42
    • Retrieving All the People in the Address Book 00:06:33
    • Retrieving and Setting a Person’s Address Book Image 00:08:02
  9. Files and Folders
    • Writing to and Reading from Files 00:08:21
    • Enumerating Files and Folders 00:07:22
  10. Core Data
    • Performing Batch Updates on Core Data 00:06:56
    • Reading Data From Core Data 00:04:11
    • Deleting Data From Core Data 00:03:22
    • Fetching Data in the Background 00:07:36
  11. Cloud Kit
    • Storing Data with CloudKit 00:14:06
    • Retrieving Data with CloudKit 00:08:50
    • Querying the Cloud with CloudKit 00:06:45
  12. Oreilly - iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook




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